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One of the best ways to ensure the survival of your relationship is to become familiar with the most common reasons why most relationships fall apart and the causes of breakups and divorces. It’s just as important to know what not to do if knowledge is power.

Researching red flags in relationships, I’ve learned that ignoring bad traits and underlying issues is a surefire way to get yourself into trouble later on, especially when the honeymoon period has worn off.

The Reasons Why Most Relationships Fall Apart.

Not all relationships are meant to last forever. And With that in mind, here are the six most common causes of relationship fail or breakdown:

1. Trust issues.

When there are problems with trust in a relationship, both partners involved suffer it. Without trust, a relationship is doomed from the beginning. When it comes to feeling safe and secure, it’s imperative that you have trust in the people around you. A couple’s long-term future is in jeopardy if trust is lost. A lack of trust can be caused by a number of different behaviors such as jealousy, possessiveness, cheating, game-playing, and a general lack of emotional support.

Relationship problems
2. Different expectations.

Expectations of the relationship that are not in line with each other can also cause a breakup. Every new relationship experiences an exhilarating honeymoon phase in the beginning. However, as the realities and demands of daily life set in, that excitement often fades away. The expectations of a couple in a relationship may diverge at some point. Individual life plans may become “what I want” instead of “what we want” for them.

3. Lack of steady or frequent Communication.

Relationships are made or broken on the basis of communication, in my opinion. One of the most common causes of divorce is a breakdown in communication between the spouses. Healthy relationships rely on open and honest communication to build mutual trust, respect as well as active listening.

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Relationship problems
4. Financial difficulties.

Divorce rates tend to be higher among couples who disagree on financial matters. Even if a couple isn’t legally married, they can still have disagreements over money. Trust, power, and security are all intertwined when it comes to money. People’s views on spending and saving can be influenced by how they were brought up and the families they came from.


5. Going through life at different speed.

Having different paces in life can also negatively affect a relationship. I’ve been in a long-term relationship where this has happened to me. In contrast to one partner’s growth and change, the other’s is not changing. It has the potential to seriously damage a couple’s relationship and lead to their eventual breakup. Other aspects of the relationship, such as communication and intimacy, may suffer as a result.

Reasons why most relationships fall apart
6. Incompatibility in the bedroom.

The problem of incompatibility in lovemaking is a serious one, and it exists in the real world. There are some couples who have issues from the start, while others have them later in the relationship. The definitions of sex, love, and affection vary from person to person.

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Intimacy is also linked to trust, security, and control, among other factors. When a couple has children, it can also put a strain on their marriage. Unfortunately, this very real problem that has the potential to drive couples apart is often overlooked by those who are eager to get married or in committed relationships.


The Bottom Line.

•Relationships between two people can only last long when both partners are willing to enclose together. No relationship is perfect, it normal to experience problems, challenges and ups and downs. But the important thing is that you both stick together through thick and thin and talk things through.

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  1. Have read this article whatever is written is true,i went through all the mentioned phase, and it was very tough for me, but after reading this think will try to work hard into making ma relationship better

    1. 90% of YOUR failed relationships is ladies…. 100% of mine are cause men are cheaters and liars…. To each their own!

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