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Finding the best skincare routines that works for you can be difficult, especially in today’s world of ever-expanding skincare options. And if course what seems like an endless supply of skincare advice available online.

You may not think it’s important to remember the small things like making sure you get enough water, getting enough sleep, or washing your face, but it is. The truth is, you don’t actually have to spend a fortune to have perfect skin.

Shopping for cosmetics can be a confusing experience because of the crowded shelves and the many claims that are made. I mean there are so many new products and wild beauty fads out there that finding a simple skincare routine and sticking to it seems impossible. But do you really need so many things or products?


Best skincare routines to practice everyday.

Even if you want to keep your skincare routine as simple as possible, there are some rules to follow. See some of them below;

Lady applying moisturizer 1. Make use of a moisturizer.

Immediately after a shower and before going to sleep are the best times to apply moisturizer. Look for a moisturizer that is mild enough to be used on a daily basis without causing irritation to your skin and steer clear of products with overpowering scents.

In general, unless your skin is particularly dry, the best moisturizer to use during the day is a lighter lotion or gel that absorbs quickly and doesn’t pill. If your skin is particularly dry, you may want to try a cream-like formula.


Lady enjoying a glass of water. 2. Stay hydrated always.

Dermatologists and skincare experts, especially those with decades of experience, stress the importance of staying well hydrated to promote healthy skin. Sagging and a lack of radiance can be caused by a lack of water.

Keep in mind to drink at least 8 tall glasses of water every day to gain maximum benefits. Drinking a lot water is actually one of the most effective and best skincare routines to practice. So why not drop those sodas, sweet drinks, caffeine, etc and invest more time drinking water?


Lady with sunscreen 3. Wear a sunscreen each time you step outside.

Another one of the best skincare routines you should try is using a sunscreen always. No matter your skin type or age, don’t skip this step in your skincare routine. You don’t need to take any other precautions if you don’t have sunscreen. Exposure to the sun is the most common cause of premature skin aging.

If you’re spending time indoors, stay away from heaters and fireplaces if you can help it. They cause inflammation and breakdown the skin collagen. The sun’s rays should still be avoided at all costs, even if you are spending most of your time indoors.

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4. Never wear makeup to bed.

When you’re tired and exhausted, it’s easy to put off cleaning your makeup and go to bed instead. However, you should know that acne can occur if you leave your makeup on for too long, which can clog your pores. So use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover to get rid of it. Cotton pads or a soft washcloth can be used. When your face is clean and you won’t be wearing makeup, it’s an excellent time to apply acne treatment.

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Best skincare routines5. Use a face cleanser.

One of the first things you should do while trying to engage in the best skincare routines is to find a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Face cleansing removes dirt and oil that can clog pores and dull the complexion as the first step in a skincare regimen. It’s important to keep your composure, though.

The skin’s protective barrier is damaged by too many people who cleanse their skin too frequently or with a harsh cleanser. You should only wash your face with warm water in the morning if you have dry or irritated skin.

Benzoyl peroxide wash and salicylic acid gel are great for oily or acne-prone skin. Mature skin tends to be dry, so it’s best to use a moisturizing glycolic or milky cleanser. If your skin has dark spots, try using an alpha hydroxyl acid cleanser.


6. Avoid using too many different products.

Using more than one skincare product at a time is a no-no. As a result, more pimples and clogged pores are possible. A lot of people, especially ladies are fond of using so many different types of product on their skin at one go. This is very unethical and could cause the excess chemicals in the combination of these products to damage your skin.


Beautiful lady eating a watermelon7. Eat the right foods.

A healthy diet is the best way to ensure that your body is functioning at its optimum level. Omega-3 fatty acid is essential for your skin’s natural barrier to retain moisture. Eating flax seeds or walnuts in your salad will help your skin retain moisture.

Avoid foods with a high glycemic index, as well (simple and complex carbohydrates). Also make sure to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables for a more healthy looking and glowing skin.


Beautiful lady sleeping. 8. Get plenty of sleep.

Avoid the negative effects of lack of sleep, such as puffy eyes and wrinkles, by making sure you get sufficient of shut-eye. Relax! Even the smallest amount of stress might cause you to break out in a rash. When you sleep, your skin produces new collagen, which helps to keep your skin from saggy.

While we sleep, our skin rests and restores itself. Getting at least seven and a half hours of sleep every night is one of the best skincare routines and a good way to maintain healthy skin. The stress hormone cortisol also causes wrinkles when you don’t get enough sleep.

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9. Clean your makeup brushes frequently.

So many ladies are fond of not cleaning the brushes they use for their makeup. This is very unhygienic and could cause numerous skin problems. To prevent the spread of bacteria and clog pores, experts recommend washing concealer and foundation brushes once a week.

Cleaning of makeup brushes.

Here’s how you can do it: Soak your makeup brushes in a small amount of a gentle shampoo before rinsing thoroughly. Bristles can be moistened with warm water. Then, using your palms, rub the bristles of the brush to distribute the shampoo.

It’s best to avoid getting your brush’s base wet and to keep the metal portion of your brush dry. After rinsing the shampoo from the brush, use a towel to absorb any remaining water. Dry thoroughly by exposing them to the sun as well.

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