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When it comes to the transfer window, there are always lots of big deals that fails to pull through. Among the top leagues in the world, there is always a quest to sign the best and biggest players, shining at the moment. And sometimes, even the biggest and most talked about transfer deals can fail at the very last minute on deadline day.

Buying and selling of star players year in, year out has always been one of the best part of the game. Its always amazing to see different players move to a new club, country or league to showcase what they know how to do best.

Biggest transfer deals that were almost completed in football.

Read further in this article to discover some of the biggest transfer deals that were almost completed but fail in football history.

Biggest transfer deals that were almost completed1. Cristiano Ronaldo To Arsenal.

Cristiano Ronaldo came within a whisker of signing a contract with Arsenal in 2003.
During his training sessions with the Gunners, the then-18-year-old came so close to joining Arsene Wenger’s squad that he was even given his own No. 9 shirt.
Wenger admitted to Mirror in 2008 that the deal with Ronaldo’s club, Sporting Lisbon, failed because a price could not be agreed upon between the two parties.

We can only imagine how things could have turned out differently for Cristiano Ronaldo, who went on to win an impressive amount of silverware while playing for Manchester United, including three Premier League titles and a European Cup win in 2011.


Luis Suarez to Arsenal2. Luiz Suarez to Arsenal.

Luis Suarez was on the verge of joining Arsenal from Liverpool in 2013, but the deal fell through when Liverpool rejected Arsenal’s £40 million proposal and preferred for Suarez to remain at Anfield.

Luis Suarez voiced his desire to leave the club due to the media’s attention being drawn to his family, and he was finally signed by Barcelona as a result of this. His move to Arsenal remains one of the biggest transfer deals that were almost completed.


Sergio Ramos on Man united shirt3. Sergio Ramos To Manchester United.

In 2015, Manchester United came close to signing Real Madrid midfielder Sergio Ramos for a fee of £35 million to join their team. However, the offer was turned down when Sergio Ramos renewed his Real Madrid contract for another five years and stated that he had no intention of leaving the club. No doubt, this was one of the biggest transfer deals that were almost completed.


Steven Gerald On Chelsea Shirt4. Steven Gerald to Chelsea.

Looking back, it’s difficult to believe that he was that close to signing a contract with Chelsea. He did, however, come close.
As reported by the Daily Mail, it appeared like the Liverpool captain was on the verge of being released from his contract during the 2004 European Championships, but rumors of a hate campaign directed at his family helped to retain him at Anfield.

However, after Liverpool refused to offer their captain a new deal the following summer, it appeared as though Chelsea were proving to be too much for them to overcome. Gerrard went so far as to tell Sky Sports News that he was prepared to leave Liverpool, as reported in the Daily Mail. After a few weeks, Gerrard had a change of heart and agreed to terms with Liverpool on a new contract.


Sergio Aguero to chelsea5. Sergio Aguero to Chelsea.

Sergio Aguero had almost agreed to join Chelsea in a swift bid. However, Chelsea were unsuccessful in their attempt to recruit Sergio Aguero from Atlético Madrid in 2010 due to the intervention of John Terry, who preferred David Villa to the striker. Shocking right?

Sergio Aguero eventually signed a contract with Manchester City in 2011 for a reported £35 million. And he played a huge part in improving the club’s success over the years.


Ronaldinho To Man United 6. Ronaldinho to Manchester United.

Manchester United had almost signed Ronaldinho back in the days. After months of being linked to the club and coming close to joining Manchester United from PSG in 2003, Ronaldinho was swiftly outbid by Barcelona, who went on to recruit him for a rumoured €30 million sum. It was one of the biggest transfer deals that were almost completed in football history.

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