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Calcium rich foods are definitely a must eat for everyone. These days, we see and hear a lot of stories about people breaking their bones as a result of a little accident, such as falling down 2 or 3 staircase.

This type of incidence does not require the shattering of bones or internal tissues, especially if the body is adequately nourished with calcium. Calcium is actually one of the very few nutrient that is required by all living things, including human beings, plants and animals.

It is one of the body’s most vital mineral which helps to produce and maintain strong bones, as well as teeth and muscles. Read further in this article to find out why calcium is important and the various calcium rich foods to eat.

Strong bones

Why does your body require calcium?

Calcium is required for muscles to move and nerves to transmit instructions from your brain to every area of your body. Did you know that calcium also aids in the movement of blood throughout the body and the release of hormones that affect a variety of bodily functions. This amazing nutrient is even required for the healthy functioning of your heart, muscles, and nerves.

When being combined with vitamin D, calcium may provide benefits beyond bone health, according to several studies: perhaps safeguarding against cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.

“The bones are all in good shape. They just need more calcium” -David Wasserman. 

Calcium deficiency.

This is a condition in which the blood calcium levels are too low. It occurs when normal calcium level in the body is down. Muscle cramping, disorientation, and tingling in the lips and fingers are common symptoms in severe cases.

Weak and brittle nails.

Calcium deficiency symptoms.

Hyponatremia or calcium deficiency can cause a variety of serious symptoms, including:

1. Depressed mood.
2. Easy fractioning of bones.
3. Confusion or memory loss
4. Nails that are weak and brittle.
5. Hallucinations.
6. Muscle cramps.
8. Tingling and numbness in the hands, feet, and face.

Calcium deficiency is treated by taking enough calcium rich foods and vitamin D supplements as directed by your doctor.

Calcium rich foods

Calcium-rich foods.

According to research, not getting enough calcium in your diet can lead to fragile, brittle bones that are more at risk of fractures and diseases. So it is critical that you consume enough of it through healthy food and diet.

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These foods are good sources of calcium:

Healthy looking oranges.

1. Orange fruit.

The citrus fruit orange is a popular fruit that belongs to the citrus family. Although oranges are well recognized for their high vitamin C content, they also contain a significant quantity of calcium. According to experts, one medium orange has 74 milligrams of calcium.



2. Carrots.

Carrots are high in vitamin A, which helps to prevent the onset of a variety of medical illnesses and diseases. As an added benefit, it contains calcium. Carrots aid in the development of stronger bones and teeth.

Green beans.

3. Green beans.

Green beans are another food that has a significant amount of calcium. Green beans, in addition to building strong and healthy bones, aid in weight loss and provide other health benefits. It is a non-dairy calcium rich foods.


A glass of milk

4. Dairy Milk.

It’s impossible to discuss calcium rich foods without discussing the all-powerful milk. Dairy milk is obtained from cows and is thoroughly processed in facilities for human consumption. Milk has more calcium per calorie than any other meal on the planet. To get more of this nutrient, start your day with a glass of warm milk.


Fatty fishes

5. Sardines.

According to Healthline,  sardines are a tasty fatty fish that are high in the amazing nutrition omega-3 as well as calcium. Sardines are extremely soft, and even the bones can be eaten. Actually, the calcium in the sardine originates from the bones. Shocking isn’t?

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Other calcium-rich foods includes:


The bottom line.

Calcium rich foods is necessary for the development and maintenance of healthy bones, muscles and teeth in both adults and children. It may also help regulate blood pressure, among other things.

Calcium should be obtained mostly through dietary food sources such as dairy products, green vegetables, fruits, oily fishes and others. Calcium supplements may, however, be recommended by a doctor in some cases of extreme calcium deficiency.

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